KTTG relies solely on donations for the upkeep of the Tashi Gomang Stupa, the Padmasambhava Stupa and the Ziggurat.

How Your Funds are Spent

If you have visited Crestone, you know how fierce the climate is at our breathtakingly beautiful altitude of 9,000 ft. Wind and sand, sun and snow constantly interact with these monuments.
Yearly tasks include:

  • retreat cabin maintenance and upgrade
  • snowplowing
  • delivering utilities to the cabins — water, firewood and propane
  • refreshing the numerous prayer flags
  • administration

Events include:

  • hosting a Losar Celebration (Tibetan New Year)
  • organizing a birthday party for His Holiness Karmapa
  • hosting visiting teachers at the Stupa

Residents of the town of Crestone and the Baca Grande Community are always encouraged to participate.

Donate to KTTG

We are grateful for your donation to KTTG. Generosity is the virtue that produces peace.

Donate online, or send a check made out to KTTG, to KTTG, PO Box 39, Crestone, CO 81131.

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