KKR Stupa Pedestal Pour June 24, 2022

Dorje, the stupa builder from AZ began work on the pedestal in Crestone on June 21 under  a tent.  (Just before he began work there was the circular rainbow above the 16th Karmapa’s Stupa). His work is meticulous and so beautiful.  He worked 15+ hours daily to complete the form into which the cement was to be poured. On June 23 around midnight, 12 hours before the cement truck was due to arrive, the three men who were going to ferry the cement for Rinpoche’s pedestal pour quit.  By 6 AM there were no workers and the cement truck was coming within hours.  Then the miracles and kindnesses from neighbors and the Haidakhandi ashram began.  Soon we had more than enough wheelbarrows! And plenty of strong loving workers.

Lama Chopal from the El Rito community in NM led the Tibetan recitation of a Riwosangcho puja, in front of the growing Stupa and next to the beautiful shrine Barbara created.  Lama Zoe led the same text in English.

In the afternoon, Lama Chopal led portions of the Chakrasamvhara sadhana relevant to the placement of the protective 8 phurbas (ritual daggers—see picture below) in the 8 directions, with Lama Zoe reading aloud. There were many familiar faces gathered and some new ones from a retreat nearby. The last miracle was the extraordinary maneuvering by the driver of the cement truck.  Unlike the pour for the foundation, this time the truck came close enough to drop the cement into the form.  The 5 wheelbarrows were nearly unused and the workers quickly smoothed the cement as Dorje used the vibrator to pulse the cement evenly throughout.  Wet sheets were placed over the pour and Njal is babysitting the curing cement for the next many days…

The weather was Rinpoche weather—sun, then clouds cutting across the sky, some rain and then more dramatic clouds. But the beginning was the rainbow…

Fundraising continues for the KKR Stupa. To support KTTG in the completion of the stupa project, click here to donate online or mail your donation to Lama Zoe deBray, PO Box 39, Crestone, CO 81131.

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