KKR Stupa: Pouring the Throne and Steps

On Thursday, September 15th we poured the throne and 3 steps of Rinpoche’s stupa. The cement truck gets up the mountain and then the conveyor stops working! The driver gets on the phone with home base and talks to the mechanics. Yogi Jack who is attending the fire for the Sang says that once he began the Tara mantra, the conveyor mysteriously started to work again. While the pour is going on Khenpo Lobsang, now Spiritual Director of Vajra Vidya (Thrangu’s monastery here—good place to stay when you come) is leading the Sang—he gets such a kick out of pouring and pouring and pouring the Jack Daniels so it overflows the serkyam (and down the side of the big Stupa). He has a close connection to Rinpoche and has been with us for the various “pours” except the time he was in Nepal. I am surprised that maybe 12 people attend this latest event as this time there was only a last minute “event” listing in the classified online section of the Crestone paper. Every time we pour there is a rainbow which I never get to see—only the workers. I asked Rinpoche if he would make a rainbow I would see too this time. There was a rainbow that day which I saw…

Consecration and the last phase of the stupa building in the spring—hopefully sometime in the first 2 weeks of May.

Dorje (Sean Acton) Builder of Stupas & KKR Stupa’s Builder

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