Enlightenment Stupa Consecration, August 4-8, 2023 – UPCOMING!

STUPA OF ENLIGHTENMENT Honoring Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche (1924-2019)   We are delighted to announce know that the Khenpo Karthar Stupa consecration ceremonies will begin August 4, 2023, and will last four or five days. Everyone is invited! Photos of the new stupa’s ornamental details will be posted in our News Section when foundry work and

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Wedding at Tashi Gomang Stupa 2010

Wedding Cynthia Wallace and James Clarke were married in the late afternoon in front of the Stupa. Zoe officiated. The couple wrote their vows and included in their ceremony their dear friends as witnesses. The ceremony was very beautiful–many tears and smiles, song and music. October 9, 2010 Wedding at the stupa

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Brief Review of 2010

In early March we were blessed with a visit from Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, his nephew and attendant Lama Karma Drodul, and Ani Karuna Lodron.  Rinpoche gave a teaching at Vajra Vidya, performed an animal blessing there for many pets and gave a wonderful teaching up at the Stupa. His visit brought about a renaissance for

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Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso on Crestone (July 23, 2002 )

Crestone is a place where at your back you have the Rocky Mountains, and in front of you there is an incredibly expansive view. It’s a place where the earth is clean, the water is clean and the air is clean. So it’s a wonderfully beautiful and secluded place, an ideal place to practice the

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A Young Person on Retreat

A few years before being introduced to Vajrayana, while traveling in the Southwest I made a visit to the Tashi Gomang stupa. At the time I didn’t know much about stupas or the Karmapa. Yet I was moved by the presence I felt and spent some time in quiet reflection. When I left I made

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The Dream Flag

New visitors to the Tashi Gomang Stupa are often curious about the blue and yellow flag that flies above the site, and what it signifies. Known as the ‘Dream Flag,’ it’s the result of a vision the 16th Karmapa had in a dream during the summer of 1980 on a visit to Colorado – the

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KKR Stupa: Pouring the Throne and Steps

On Thursday, September 15th we poured the throne and 3 steps of Rinpoche’s stupa. The cement truck gets up the mountain and then the conveyor stops working! The driver gets on the phone with home base and talks to the mechanics. Yogi Jack who is attending the fire for the Sang says that once he

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KKR Stupa Pedestal Pour June 24, 2022

Dorje, the stupa builder from AZ began work on the pedestal in Crestone on June 21 under  a tent.  (Just before he began work there was the circular rainbow above the 16th Karmapa’s Stupa). His work is meticulous and so beautiful.  He worked 15+ hours daily to complete the form into which the cement was

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KKR Stupa Foundation and Pouring Ceremony
Nov 2, 2021

November 2, 2021 The elements were harmonious for pouring the concrete for the KKR Stupa on November 2, 2 PM.  The foundation was poured and leveled and covered with special blankets designed to keep concrete pours warm in colder weather. During this time a small group which included Hanne Strong, Barbara (who made the shrine

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