Directions to Tashi Gomang Stupa

How to get to the Stupa

Google Map of the route

Simple directions:

From County Road T, make a right at the information kiosk onto Camino Baca Grande. Stay on this road and it will go from pavement to dirt. Keep going to the end of the road and turn left at the water tower. This road dead ends at the Stupa.

The road is narrow, winding and rocky but not impossible to navigate, even for low profile vehicles. Slower is better.

Detailed landmarks:

2.5 miles: End of pavement. Keep going straight.

3.6 miles: Camino Baca Grande forks off on a little-used road to the right. Keep to the left. The road name changes to Dreamway.

4.2 miles: Pass Shumei International Institute on the left (Point B on the map). Keep going straight through the old gate.

5.0 miles: At the end of the road turn left. Proceed a short distance past the water tower. You can either park here and hike up to the stupa (about a 20 minute walk) or continue driving across the creek and up the stupa road to the parking lot just above the stupa.


Click here for for a full screen map version.

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