KKR Stupa Foundation and Pouring Ceremony
Nov 2, 2021

November 2, 2021

The elements were harmonious for pouring the concrete for the KKR Stupa on November 2, 2 PM.  The foundation was poured and leveled and covered with special blankets designed to keep concrete pours warm in colder weather.

During this time a small group which included Hanne Strong, Barbara (who made the shrine especially beautiful with the red and gold brocades and lillies to match) Ramloti, Steve Winn as Chopon, Paul Kloppenburg in charge of the fire, Ani Konchok, Juniper, Steven, Bo Wiberg.  I umzaed, gave a little talk sharing some stories about Rinpoche he told us in retreat, and lead the Riwo Sangcho—some it competing with the weather that was gathering up as well as the concrete truck and my dog who insisted on barking very loudly at times.

At the end there was a gentle but very cold rain—reminded me of Rinpoche’s cremation in November, 2019 in the NY Catskills when the cold rain ate through all the waterproofing of my raincoat.

After everyone left, Ben Brack took the picture with the rainbow right over the site of Rinpoche’s stupa foundation.

A blessed day, KKR Rinpoche style, with lots of everything thrown in the mix, blessings at the end.

Fundraising continues for the KKR Stupa. To support KTTG in the completion of the stupa project, click here to donate online or mail your donation to Lama Zoe deBray, PO Box 39, Crestone, CO 81131.


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