Oct 2021 Update on the Crestone Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche Stupa

October 17, 2021

Last report we shared that the Sa Lhong (requesting permission from the deities of the land to build our stupa) had taken place (see more about the Sa Lhong).  Then beginning October 7, the first day of the 9th lunar month we began to prepare the land for the KKR Stupa.  From day 1 picture two things are clear:  the site for the stupa is small and the amount of earth to be moved is large.  A small orange Kubota, a perfect size for this delicate task, moved earth for 7 days.  A second man oversaw the constant process of leveling. He also worked the compacter with another worker.

Lama Zoe, Stupa Project Manager, and Njal Schold, Director of KTTG, put the large and small gabion cages together. (the metal forms holding the rocks to form the supporting wall for the stupa). Lama Zoe fixed the center for the stupa and we have just enough room for a korwa (the area for circumambulating around the stupa). After a day of rain, sleet, snow the leveling reached a point where the five large gabion cages could be placed, filled with rocks, and backfilled. (Day 7 picture)

At the end of the summer Paul Seaton generously gifted the Project with several precious relics of saints:  those of Milarepa, Yeshe Tsogyal and wisdom pills from Vajra Khandro.  The first two relics were collected by HH Dudgom Rinpoche.  Sacred earth from around the life tree which had to be moved after the big earthquake a few years ago at Boudhanath came from him as well.

Story to be continued when we get another load of road base and can finish the supporting structure.  We are now in need of further donations.  So far about one half of our project has been funded, but to move forward with the pouring of Rinpoche’s stupa forms, the gold leafing project, transport and assemblage we need to raise about $25,000.  Please consider giving either through the links on this website or: send checks addressed and made out to the “KKR Stupa Project”, PO Box 39, Crestone, CO 81131.

Fundraising continues for the KKR Stupa. To support KTTG in the completion of the stupa project, click here to donate online or mail your donation to Lama Zoe deBray, PO Box 39, Crestone, CO 81131.

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